Sculpture at Petana 2018 is the third public sculpture event to be held at Petana Gardens, a 15 minute drive from Milton on the South Coast of NSW.

Petana Gardens is an established 3 acre, park like garden set amongst 25 rural acres.
Following on from the success of the 2014 and 2016 events, Sculpture at Petana will run for 9 days as part of Escape ARTfest over the period of 6 - 14 October 2018.

The exhibition will feature the work of both established and emerging artists and it is hoped that a significant number of South Coast  sculptors will take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase their work in a magnificent garden setting with a potentially large audience.

Intending sculpture exhibitors should acquaint themselves with and give full consideration to the following guidelines, terms and conditions.


Large sculpture category:

First Prize: $2000  sponsored by Tailor Made Financial Services

Runner Up: $500  sponsored by Milk Haus

Small sculpture category:

First Prize: $1000  sponsored by Ulladulla Exservos & Petana Gardens

Runner Up: $500  sponsored by Ulladulla Veterinary Hospital

Peoples Choice prizes:

Large sculpture category: $500 sponsored by Petana Gardens

Small sculpture category: $500 sponsored by Petana Gardens


Intending exhibitors are requested to make a submission to the Sculpture at Petana management team by Friday 31 August 2018.  

The submission must include the following information:

• Photograph of completed work or scanned concept drawing (jpg 300dpi, 10 x 15cm, file saved as artists surname, first initial)
• Title of Work (for catalogue) • Dimensions (for catalogue)
• Materials used and type of construction (e.g. welded metal) • Price (if for sale)
• Address and phone number (for correspondence) • Brief artist’s statement
• Brief resume (optional)
• Intended time of installation
Preference for display; open space - lawn area/s, 5m x 5m pond area,
  enclosed (hedged) space/s
• Siting requirements
• For large or heavy sculptures details for delivery and installation should be provided for
  potential buyers by the exhibiting sculptor.


A selection panel appointed by the Management Team will select works to be exhibited and reserves the right to reject any submission without giving a reason. Delivered, finished works that are not representative of concept drawings may also be rejected.


Sculptors need to bear in mind that this is a public art exhibition that can be expected to be attended by a broad section of the community, not just art and garden lovers. Therefore, it can reasonably be expected that sculptures may risk being subjected to handling and being played on by children. Further, the site is exposed and may be subject to high winds. Sculptural works will therefore need to be of strong construction and, most importantly, not present a risk to public safety. As such, sharp edges and protrusion points and unstable constructions should be avoided. Any glass will need to be zone toughened.  

The Management Committee reserves the right to reject any sculptures it believes will present an unacceptable level of risk to public safety. Works that are deemed to present significant risk will not necessarily be rejected, but may be exhibited subject to the artist agreeing to the implementation of risk management strategies such as the flagging of guy ropes or roping off the exhibit. However, artists may consider that this will detract from the intended visual effect and, if so, should opt for low risk designs.


Site selection will be determined in the first instance by the site requirements of the sculpture as detailed above.

Alternatively, site selection can be made by the artists prior to or on the installation days, although first preference will be given to those who have pre-selected sites.

Site selections that are deemed by the Management Committee or Site Supervisor to be a risk to the public will need to be changed following consultation with the exhibiting sculptor.


All small sculpture entries will be displayed under cover, unless requested otherwise by the sculptor for display in a garden or pond setting.

Freestanding sculptures will be displayed on tables provided by the Management Committee where possible. A limited number of plinths will be available for display purposes. please provide your own plinth where it is possible to do so.

Larger or taller works will be placed on the floor. A limited number of wall and ceiling hung sculptures can be accepted, and must be delivered ready for display, with hooks, wire etc attached.
Please note your preference for display on your application, i.e.  display table, floor, wall or ceiling hung.


All exhibiting artists will be responsible for the transport of their sculptures to and from Petana Gardens. As Petana Gardens is a secure location exhibitors can deliver their work during the set up - installation dates; 29 Sept - 2 October


Installation will take place from Wednesday 29 September to Sunday 2 October 10am to 4pm.

Deinstallation will take place from 10am to 4pm during the week of 15 October.
Exhibiting artists will be responsible for the installation and deinstallation of their sculptures. A small team of volunteers will be available on the day to provide assistance. This assistance may not be available to artists who arrange to have their sculpture removed outside of the specified dates.

Any sculptures not removed by 5.00pm Friday 19 October may be moved into a storage/holding area and become the property of the Management unless prior arrangements have been made to the contrary.


Artists are responsible for maintaining their exhibits in a presentable condition, including repairing damage, for the duration of the exhibition.



The Management Committee will make every effort possible, including regular patrols, to protect exhibits from vandalism or theft. However, its resources and manpower will be limited and it cannot guarantee 24 hour surveillance. It is therefore a condition of exhibition that the artist accepts full liability for theft of and/or damage to their exhibit.

The Management Committee reserves the right to move or remove sculptures for any reason, including, but not limited to, public safety concerns. By agreeing to the conditions of entry, the artist authorises the handling of his or her sculpture by the Management Committee’s volunteer workers and accepts full liability for any damage that may result.


Exhibiting artists are invited to price their work for sale. The total of any agreed sale price will be payable, in the first instance, to the Management as the artist’s selling agent. The Management Committee will charge a 20% commission on all sales. GST will be applied where a sculptor is registered for the Goods and Services tax.


Sculpture at Petana has the right to reproduce images of the sculpture to be exhibited, as provided by the artist, for use in the exhibition catalogue, publicity, advertising, website, documentary, promotional video, exhibition or archival purposes in any manner connected with the exhibition.


An application fee of $10 per sculpture entry will apply for this event.


Prospective exhibitors are required to sign the agreement on the last page and return it to
the Event Manager as soon as possible.


For further information phone Peter Hoy, the Event Manager on 0416 173214 or


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