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Sculpture at Petana 
November exhibition presents the work of local and South coast artists

To be held over 9 days, Sculpture at Petana provides local and South Coast artists with an opportunity to exhibit their works within the beautiful, park like, Petana Gardens.

Most of the 70+ works on display will be for sale during the 9 day exhibition.

The exhibition will feature the work of the following artists;

Anna Rosen • Richard Barrett • Susan Curran • Paul Dimmer • Tonja Jefferies 

• Francis Forgan • Jodhi Doyle • Linda Lees • Deborah Redwood • Eric Leo •

John Payne • Daryl Harbrow • Nadya Burke • Tyson Contor • Shannon Hobbs • 

Nulla Dolla Pottery • Susie Greentree • Roy Fong • Peter Percy • Deborah Huish

• Mark Rogers • Linda Marshall • Allira Rosen Wain • Dieter Reinke • 

Fernanda O’Connell • Jenny Lawrence

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